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Responsiveness to our customers is the key to our success-and the foundation of our business. We are available for telephone consultations to answer any questions, and troubleshoot. If you need us to come out and take a look at whatever problem regarding your garden, call or email us for an appointment. We work quickly, cost effective and carefully to sort out any problem and ensure peace of mind to our clients.

Our services include any garden, big or small, from residential houses & complexes, business / corporate offices, commercial centres, embassies, plots etc.

  • Professional Gardening Services
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Landscaping
  • Minor Tree Felling
  • Rubble Removal

Gardening Services

We provide full on site supervision at all our clients

  • Garden maintenance on a weekly basis (Mowing of lawn, cutting edges, loosening soil, pruning of trees and shrubs, maintenance of flower beds etc.)
  • Once off clean up of neglected properties, large areas to be cleared for development, properties that just need a facelift to be sold etc.
  • Lawn & flower bed fertilizing
  • Weed control
  • Bulk fertilizer deliveries

Irrigation Systems

A properly designed sprinkler system is the key to an efficient irrigation system. Our designers are experienced in the field which means that you are hiring a professional that is committed to excellence in practice. An irrigation system will add to the value of your property, as it will beautify your garden environment and free up your time spent watering your garden.


Manual and Automatic systems installations


A Manual System will work on a ball valve system connected to your water supply in your garden. The system is installed to water individual stations / areas in the garden one at a time, meaning you can separate the lawn and your flower beds. The advantage of a manual system is that it allows you to water your garden from one central point without you having to drag garden hose around.

 Manual operation

  • The System is made up of 2 main components: The valves and the sprinklers
  • Each valve controls a group of sprinklers called a zone or station
  • The valves are manually opened by turning its lever and releasing the flow of water
  • You will need to check your watch to record the run time for the zone.
  • When the run time for the zone is complete the valve has to be manually closed to shut off the flow of water
  • This process is manually repeated for each zone in the system


An Automatic Irrigation System has a advantage over a manual system, the valves is activated automatically. The system will place the right amount of water on a specific part of the garden, at a specific time throughout the year. A rain sensor can be installed to the system that automatically override the watering cycle in case of rain. Automated system will save you water, money and a lot of time.

 Automatic operation

  • The System is made up of 3 main components: The controller, the valves and the sprinklers
  • The controller tells the valves to open or close, turning the sprinklers on or off
  • When the controller reaches a programmed start time it sends a signal to one of the valves telling it to open
  • Each valve controls a group of sprinklers, called a zone or station
  • When the run time for the zone is done the controller tells the valve to close
  • The valve closes shutting off the flow of water to the sprinklers
  • This process is automatically repeated for each zone in the system


Repairs, maintenance and upgrades to existing systems


  • Planting of lawn
  • Relocation of flowerbeds

Minor Tree Felling

  • Cutting & Removal of small to medium size trees
  • Small to medium size tree trimming
  • Palm tree trimming

Rubble Removal

  • Clearing of rubble on large development areas
  • Removal of building material / rubble
  • Removal of garden rubble

Finesse Gardens is the best for gardening supplies, water irrigations, water pipe management and irrigation methods, landscaping and sprinkler system installations. Lawn sprinklers, sprinkler timer watering system. That is our Business!

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